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"We’ve been with Roger for many years and he’s always very attentive to the particulars of each person’s tax situation.  You can count on him to research questions which are new, to ask good probing questions, and to ensure that the client’s best interests are being served.  Roger exhibits a welcome resonance and coherence between his professional approach to taxes and the integrity of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Through the years, we’ve sent many of our friends to him because he is the most knowledgeable and experienced tax professional in the area dealing with the intricacies of the clergy.  He is a “pastor” to pastors; doing taxes is his ministry." 


Church Planning & Advising

Anxious about the financial situation of your church? Sit down with our advisors to plan out your financial future. We will analyze your goals and finances to help you organize your church.

Clergy Taxation

Roger Kloisterman & Co LLP, CPAs have a specific interest and specialty in clergy taxation. Many firms claim to work with clergy, but we focus on the clergy. We have the interest and the passion for ministry taxation that cannot be equaled. We want to work with the clergy.

This isn't about fear. While your taxes are more complex than others, we won't scare you into thinking you have a future audit looming. You want reassurance, we can do the job for you and you trust the job we are doing. With us, it's about service to you, not fear of impending doom!

Geography is not an issue, as we have clients as far away as Alaska and Arizona. Put us to work for you!

What Do We Offer Our Clergy Clients?

  • Professional work done by a CPA firm
  • Planning to save your tax dollars using tax code provisions
  • Passion for your profession!
  • Knowledge of the complexity of your circumstances
  • Intellectual curiosity for current laws and research
  • Wide geographical range of clients - we can work with you no matter the distance
  • Track-record of satisfied clients


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